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Member Design - Prestressed Concrete Beam and Slab BS8110 (EC2), ACI318, AS3600 v2024.01

Design spreadsheet for the design of prestressed concrete beams and slabs. Features include full design calculations to BS8110 (TR.43), EC2, ACI318 and AS3600 interchangeable with a click of a button, single span modifiable external effects from UDLs or point loads, equivalent load, primary and secondary effects presentation, end eccentricity tendon termination, stress checks, Magnel diagram presentation, ULS bending, shear and punching shear checks to BS8110 (TR.43), EC2, ACI318 and AS3600, deflection checks, detailing checks, end block and longitudinal shear checks. Dual-cast first-second cast construction with locked-in-stresses.For a complete PDF output of the spreadsheet program, please click the above link.

Member Design - Prestressed Concrete BS8110, EC2, ACI318, AS3600 v2024.01

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