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Geotechnical Design Course

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Course exploring the theory and practice of foundation structures and retaining walls. Lifetime access to all modules and lessons including PDFs of presentation transcripts, technical design spreadsheets, technical design checklists, technical design how-to's, actual real structural drawings, technical short papers and books used by hundreds of practicing structural engineers. This is a crash course to gain knowledge from a group of practical engineers and theoreticians that have learned the techniques and best practices within the trade to analyze and design foundation structures. Drawing from these practical experiences, we have consolidated the wealth of information that is included in a field such as this so that you may find the shortest possible route to gaining the understanding of the art and science of foundation engineering and the tools necessary for your practice or your professional examinations. Browse the detailed course content on the main page or at the link below or book a call with us at to understand further how this course may be suitable for you. Course content:

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