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Looking Up at Skyscrapers

Lesson Plans

Module 1: Structural Analysis (Advanced Statics and Dynamics)

  • Lesson 1: Other Methods of Structural Static and Dynamic Analysis – The Full Picture

Module 2: Structural Analysis (Advanced Statics)

  • Lesson 1: Methods of Gravitational Load Take Down Analysis – Structural Static 3D Building Analysis, Structural Static Batch Chasedown Analysis and Structural Static Staged Construction Analysis for Prediction and Design for Differential Axial Shortening

  • Lesson 2: Precast Concrete Beam Analysis – Staged Construction

  • Lesson 3: Vertical Deflection Criteria and Assessment – Stiffness Reduction Modifiers, Centre Line and Offset Modelling and Integration of Design Strip Effects

  • Lesson 4: Lateral Deflection Criteria and Assessment

  • Lesson 5: Structural Static P-Delta and Structural Buckling Analysis


Module 3: Structural Analysis (Advanced Dynamics)

  • Lesson 1: Structural Dynamic Analysis – Modal Analysis

  • Lesson 2: Structural Dynamic Analysis – Earthquake Analysis

  • Lesson 3: Structural Dynamic Analysis – Human Footfall Induced Vibration

  • Lesson 4: Structural Dynamic Analysis – Crowd Induced Vibration

Module 4: Structural Design (Advanced RC)

  • Lesson 1: Design of Reinforced Concrete (RC) Deep Beams

  • Lesson 2: Design of Reinforced Concrete (RC) Corbels

  • Lesson 3: Design of Reinforced Concrete (RC) Pile Caps

Module 5: Structural Design (Advanced Steel)

  • Lesson 1: Design of Non-Composite Steel (ST) Beams and Columns

  • Lesson 2: Design of Non-Composite Steel (ST) Plate Girders

  • Lesson 3: Design of Composite Steel (ST) Beams

  • Lesson 4: Design of Steel (ST) Connections

  • Lesson 5: Design of Steel (ST) Trusses

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